2016 Race Results

Run and Walk Place Winners

Male 14 and Under

1st: Gabreon Godin
2nd: Elijah Madara
3rd: Colton Bodwell

Female 14 and Under

1st: Alainya Shenwood
2nd: Ava Snyder
3rd: Karli Mercer

Male 15-19

1st: Quinn Serfass
2nd: Derek Wisner

Female 15-19

1st: Emily Morgan
2nd: Kaitlyn Bittenbender
3rd: Ambra Swank

Male 20-29

1st: Tyler Hines

Female 20-29

1st: Abby Trostle
2nd: Kaity Lundy
3rd: Erica Schiefen

Male 30-39

1st: Brandon Messersmith
2nd: Keith Bodwell
3rd: Jaron Parker

Female 30-39

1st: Mandy Durland
2nd: Amanda Irvin
3rd: Dawn O’Neill

Male 40-49

1st: Dave Kershner
2nd: Don Shearer
3rd: Will Daniels

Female 40-49

1st: Jody Nash
2nd: Karen Chappell
3rd: Charm Breon

Male 50-59

1st: Merrill Showers
2nd: Gary Fry
3rd: John Smith

Female 50-59

1st: Sue Martin
2nd: Sharon Vassallo
3rd: Sue Stackhouse

Male 60 and Over

1st: Steven Blaker
2nd: Scott Cauley

Female 60 and Over

1st: Norma Carpenter
2nd: Leslie Paternostro

Walk- Male Under 50

1st: Richard Wisner
2nd: Andrew Brown
3rd: Austin Mariano

Walk-Female Under 50

1st: Corey Gstalder
2nd: Alexandria Gstalder
3rd: Kimberly Hart

Walk- Male 50 and Over

1st: Steve Fedder
2nd: Mike Gray
3rd: David Michael

Walk- Female 50 and Over

1st: Diane Fedder
2nd: Deb Eldridge
3rd: Isabelle Hetner