2017 Race Results

Complete results can be found on PARunners.com

5 Mile Pet/Human Place Winners

1st: David Brungard and Chester (6 Year Old Border Collie): 31:54
2nd: Derek Hitesman and Tilly (4 Year Old Pointer): 36:39
3rd: Amy Kratzer and Pearl (3 Year Old Jack Russell) : 37:43
4th: Cindy Swank and Bella (1 Year Old Golden Retriever): 37:50
5th: Brad Nason and Archie (3 Year Old Pom): 38:20

2.5 Mile Pet/Human Place Winners

1st: Whitney Heydenreich and : 17:05
2nd: Emily Knapsack and Bowser (2 Year Old German Shepard): 19:27
3rd: Abby Trostle and : 19:55
4th: Nicole Edwards and Onyx (8 Month Old Doberman): 20:45
5th: Rachel Kirk and Greta (3 Year Old Tibetan Terrier): 38:20
6th: Anthony Mazza and : 23:37
7th: Kayla Stahlnecker and Gus (2 Year Old Australian Shepard):23:07
8th: Alaina Smelko and Brooks (2 Year Old Chocolate Lab) : 19:55
9th: Amanda Quinton and Autumn (18 Month Old Golden Retrieve): 23:41
10th: Megan Stahlnecker and Smokey (2 Year Old Border Collie): 23:46

5 Mile Female Overall Place Winners

1st: Jody Nash: 36:38
2nd: Ann Sick: 37:58
3rd: Charmian Breon: 39:15
4th: Melyssa McHale: 39:35
5th: Valerie Andreychik: 39:45

5 Mile Male Overall Place Winners

1st: James Satteson: 30:34
2nd: Jon Houck: 31:02
3rd: Brandon Messersmith: 32:15
4th: Jeffrey Harris: 33:26
5th: Hunter Foust: 34:06

2.5 Mile Overall Female

Alana Castle 21:05

2.5 Mile Overall Male

Kevin Kilgus 16:56

2.5 Female Walk- Male Overall Place Winners

1st: Corey Gstalder: 30:01
2nd: Alexandria Gstalder:33:46
3rd: Lorraine Smith: 36:55

2.5 Mile Walk- Male Overall Place Winners

1st: Steve Fedder: 28:56
2nd: Kerry Stackhouse:35:16
3rd: Joseph Ratke: 39:49

Pet Comeback Story Competition Winner

Diana Ohl and Luke (complete story can be found on the Paws for a Cause Facebook Page)