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5 Mile- Female Overall Winner

Katie Sick: 31:04

5 Mile- Male Overall Winner

Hunter Foust: 30:04

2.5 Mile- Female Overall Winner

Abigail Trostle: 18.52

2.5 Mile- Male Overall Winner

Isaiah Trutt: 17:55

5 Mile Pet Human Place Winners

1st Place: David Brungard and Chester (8 Year Old Border Collie) 31:29
2nd Place: Emily Roberts and Leo (4 Year Old Vizsla) 37:47
3rd Place: Kayla Stahlnecker and Smokey (4 Year Old Border Collie) 38:40
4th Place: Joan Welfing and Ruby (9 Year Old Border Collie) 39:32
5th Place: Joseph Jennings and Lucius (2 Year Old Border Collie) 43:13

2.5 Mile Pet Human Place Winners

1st Place: Whitney Heydenreich and Lincoln (3 year old Golden Retreiver) 16:53
2nd Place: Cindy Swank and Bella (Golden) 17:15
3rd Place: Nathan Dongilli and Lotus (3 year old Gordon Setter) 18:19
4th Place: Logan Yerger and 19:42
5th Place: Duane Heverly and Gwen (4 year old Red Bone Goonhound) 20:23

2.5 Mile Walk – Male Place Winners

1st Place: Steve Fedder 30:02
2nd Place: Karl Dusman 32:15
3rd Place: Nick Jones 34:21

2.5 Mile Walk – Female Place Winners

1st Place: Suzanne Colesar 27:44
2nd Place: Lindsey Richardson 29:41
3rd Place: Amanda Beth 29:47