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5 Mile- Female Overall Winner

Sonja Davy: 32:07

5 Mile- Male Overall Winner

James Satteson: 30:01

2.5 Mile- Female Overall Winner

Abigail Trostle: 19:40

2.5 Mile- Male Overall Winner

Henry Lyon: 14:50

5 Mile Pet/Human Place Winners

1st: David Brungard and Chester (7 Year Old Border Collie): 30:53
2nd: Roy Tuller and Teddy (2 Year Old): 43:11
3rd: Kate Williams and Hawkyeye (1 Year Old Australian Sheperd): 45:18
4th: Trevor Enderle and Leo (4 Year Old): 48:52
5th: Elizabeth Gamble and Buster (6 Year Old Boxer): 48:54

2.5 Mile Pet/Human Place Winners

1st: Nathan Dongilli and Lotus (2 Year Old Gorden Setter): 16:14
2nd: Cindy Swank and Bella (2 Year Old Golden Retriever): 17:13
3rd: Andrew Wertz and Zoe (7 Year Old English Setter) : 17:15
4th: Elizabeth Moores and Nova Vizsla (1.5 Year Old): 17:51
5th: Duane Heverly and Gwen (2 Year Old Red Bone Coonhound): 18:34

Pet Comeback Story Competition Winner

Oakley – Owner Angela Wislosky

2.5 Mile Walk- Female Overall Winner

Elizabeth Freise: 30:11

2.5 Mile Walk- Male Overall Winner

Steve Fedder: 28:33