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5 Mile- Female Overall Winner

Kalyn Fisher: 29:38 (missing from photo)

5 Mile- Male Overall Winner

Steve Templin: 30:19


2.5 Mile- Male Overall Winner

Wyatt Laubacher: 17:47

2.5 Mile- Female Overall Winner

Becca Denicholas: 20:07 (missing from photo)


5 Mile Pet Human Place Winners

1st Place:  David Hitesman and Chester (Border Collie)  33:45

2nd Place:  Wyatt Smith and Willie (German Shorthair)  37:42

3rd Place:  Vanessa Snyder and Roy (English Springer) 41:29

4th Place:  Kyler Heyler and Mauti (Alaskan Malamute) 44:16

5th Place:  Paul Hitesman and Tilly (Pointer Mix)  50:47

2.5 Mile Pet Human Place Winners

1st Place:  Eric Morse and Murdock (West Highland) 15:25

2nd Place:  Cindy Swank and Bella (Golden) 16:53

3rd Place:  Perry Bullis and Bailey (Pit and Chataloo) 17:32

4th Place:  Jeffrey Kiss and Ace (1/2 Lab, 1/2 Beagle)  18:06

5th Place:  Kayla Scampone and Kacy (Black Lab Mix)  20:06

2.5 Mile Walk – Male Place Winners

1st Place:  Andrew Horst   26:22 (missing from photo)

2nd Place:  Leonard Simpson   27:20

3rd Place:  Drew Burger-Renn   28:24 (missing from photo)


2.5 Mile Walk – Female Place Winners

1st Place:  Kristen Burger-Renn   28:25 (missing from photo)

2nd Place:  Natalie Diaz  30:23  (missing from photo)

3rd Place:  Alexandra Armstrong and Moose (Newfoundland)   33:00